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Tasmanian Devils







Life Cycle


Special Features

The Tasmanian devil is an iconic Australian marsupial that lives in the State of Tasmania. The Tasmanian Devil is not actually unique to Tasmania as fossils show that they did exist on the mainland, but died out. The Tasmanian Devil is an endangered species and it is very important that we take as much care as possible  of these animals and save them from extinction.

The Tasmanian Devil’s scientific name is Sarcophilus Harrisii. Sarcopilus means small marsupial that is mainly black and is nocturnal, while Harrisii means meat lover.

The Tasmanian Devil is mainly black and has a long tail. The mother Devil will carry her pups in her pouch for 105 days after they are born.

The Tasmanian Devil is an important animal that we as humans need to save from extinction, as they are an important part of Australia’s history.
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