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Tasmanian Devils: Prey







Life Cycle


Special Features


The devil hunts at night, making it nocturnal. They hunt snakes, birds, lizards, rodents and some types of wallabies. It also tries to eat animals bigger than itself. The devil can be helpful by controlling the level of feral cats and other unwanted animals. They also eat dead animals and sometimes the older devils eat the younger ones. This is why some people think that young devil’s are good climbers, so they can get away. The devil’s have very strong jaws for crunching the bones of its prey. It can bite as hard as a big dog. The devil will eat all of its prey from fur to bones .The devil’s eyesight is suited for night, but whether in daylight or at night the devil’s have trouble seeing things that don’t move, so it is very hard at night to find dead animals, they have to catch then eat its prey. Some people might think that they will attack a human if they see one, but they won’t. The only time a devil will attack a human is if a human tries to trap it, attack it, catch it, or do anything that will harm them. If you are bitten by a devil it can prove fatal. It is advised to seek medical assistance if bitten.

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