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Tasmanian Devils: Apperance and Adaptations







Life Cycle


Special Features

General Apperance:
The devil looks like a small, stocky, black dog that may have a white ring around their neck or rear end. Their long whiskers help them locate prey during the night by helping the devils know how close there are to their prey. The devil’s have short stubby tails, when a devil is healthy the tail will be thick, but if they are ill or unhealthy they will have a skinny tail. Their weight is about 8-12kg, the males are approximately 65.2 cm long with a tail length of about 25.8cm. The females on the other hand a slightly smaller than the males, their average body length is 57cm and their tail length is about 24.4cm.The devil is approximately 80cm in hieght. The devil has only one set of very sharp teeth that grow all throughout their life.

The Tasmanian devil has several important adaptations. The Devil has black fur so that they blend in with the background at night. The younger devils are excellent climbers. Some people believe that this is so because the older devils cannot climb, so they use this as a way to escape from them. Tasmanian devils are fast runners, so are therefore good at catching their pray, such as wallabies. 
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